Ronda Szymanski

Artists Bio - Full

Ronda Szymanski is a Greensboro, NC artist.  Her current method of collage can be described as painting with paper. She began practicing it in 2009 with the inspiration for her first collection of pieces stemming from her experience as a life coach and her interest in the beauty and meaning of ancient Byzantine iconography. In the spring of 2011, with  her then newly discovered medium, she entered her first juried art show in Dallas, TX and placed in the top 8 artists winning a special merit award and cash prize. This success encouraged her to continue the exploration of her craft and inspired her to dedicate herself to the work necessary to establish herself as a working visual artist.

Born and raised in rural southcentral Illinois, she began drawing, painting and making at an early age. She studied Art and Design in college  along with earning her bachelors degree in Psychology. Her life has been an incredible journey and her reigning Belief is that Life is too beautiful to go unexamined. That being said, she tries not to take herself or her art too seriously, preferring both to be enjoyable, encouraging and uplifting. With this philosophy at heart, her art proves to be playful yet thought provoking, inspired by a variety of life experiences, especially relating to her daily rounds of peri-urban farm-steading, her deep reverence for Byzantine iconography, and her unique blend of spirituality, positivity and the natural world. 

However, life is also complex, and she equally enjoys submerging herself in meditative marathon sessions of creativity, full of Flow and Grace and is highly and humbly honored when her pieces are found to be inspiring, reverent and emotionally moving. Even then, she likes to surprise viewers by popping in unexpected absurdities for a sprinkling of fun.

She works primarily with recycled materials, transforming trash into works of art. The "palette" for each piece is gathered from an assortment of discarded glossy high-fashion tabloids and magazines. In an exercise of extensive symbolism, Ronda "paints" with paper from a throw away "palette" transforming snips and scraps creating images filled with thought and exuding a sort of universal beauty that speaks beyond the borders of the Byzantine world where she began. Her style is a mix of mosaic-like single layering of paper, with details created by “painting” with paper wisps and shapes.  Look closely to discover words hidden within for some thought provoking fun and surprise.    

Ronda also serves on the Greensboro Opera Board and is a member of the Greensboro Symphony Guild and the Guild of Family Service of the Piedmont where she contributes her artistic skills to decorating committees and donated works of art for fundraisers and events. In 2014 as a Community project chairperson for the Junior League of Greensboro, Ronda designed and collaborated the installation of the Cone Elementary School Cafeteria Mural. Ronda also designed and painted the Family Service of the Piedmont Guild’s “Aqua Muse” Mural for the 2019 Big Hair Ball. Her artwork has been exhibited in local, regional and nationally juried shows. She is the recipient of multiple merit awards.

In her spare time, Ronda enjoys applying her artistic vision to her landscape and gardens of their 4-acre property via planting, pergolas and garden art. 
Through the creative processes Life is lived, waste gives way to holistic creations, renewal reigns the, search for beauty goes on  and healing of the human heart abounds. Join Ronda on her creative journey. May you find something in her work  or her life that inspires you!